"The Tale of Two Wives" E-Book by Michelle Brien




"Amazing! I noticed an instant difference in my marriage"
K, 28, USA - married 5 years

What Women are
Saying About
"The Tale of Two Wives"

"I had all but given up on my marriage and was considering divorce. It gave me hope. I started looking at things in a new perspective and my marriage has already seen a drastic improvement. I recommend this to everyone I know. THANK YOU!"
C, USA - married 5 years

"It was great. ! have your website in my favorite places ... I recommended this to about 10 people"
E, 36, USA - married 3 years

"I was beginning to lose it till a pal refered this website to me, for it has worked wonders for her."
S, Uganda

"Its amazing! I realised that I did not know a lot and the very few tips I tested performed wonders. (It's) enough to jump-start change"
M, 36, UK - married

"My spouse and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to everyone"
D, 35, Japan - married 5 years

"Inspirational and encouraging. I like the style"
N, 35, Australia - married 16 years

"It was great"
B, 19, USA - engaged 2 years

"Easy to relate to, easy to read and to put into practice"
A, 26, USA - married 3 years

"Motivating and setting one on the right relationship renewal"
A, 34, Botswana - married 12 years

" Enlightening. And (I discovered) that my marriage requires greater effort on my part rather than trying to change my husband"
J, 35, Australia - married 5 years

"It was a true eye opener. I repeat the lessons in my mind as I go through the day and act it out when I relate to my husband, and it helped!"
M, 22, USA - married 4 years

"Very Impressive! Little as they (the exercises) seem, they go a long way. (It was) highly educatational and eye opening"
M, 25, Nigeria - engaged

"I found the information and the exercises to be helpful, informative and productive"
T, 36, USA - married 16 years

"Very good"
A, 48, Australia - married 24 years

"Very interesting. Not that I have any maritial problems but what was said was surely an eye-opener"
K, 35, South Africa - married 10 years

T, 36, USA - married 4 years

"Thanks for the wonderful words"
S, 32, Pakistan - married 2 years

"It was very good information"
M, 44, USA - living together 1½ years



"I am very impressed. I wish that I had it 3 years ago when I first got married. It is still a positive reinforcement for me to keep my techniques that I have been learning over the 3 years of marriage. It even helps me on how to talk to our children, too. Thank you"
K, 36, Japan - married 3 years

"Excellent ... mirrors how wrong we do things in an effort to build a 'good' marriage"
N, 31, France - married 7 years

"Very impressed, it planted a seed of hope for my marriage"
M, USA - married 6 years

"I've leant how to compliment my husband in everything whether small or big which I wasn't doing, also communication has been a major part of our problem - we've been married for sixteen years. Instead of talking to him I talk to other people."
J, 39, Bahamas - married 16 years

S, 43, Bahamas - divorced

"It is very practical (and) something I was looking for (for) so long!"
M, Tanzania - married 3 years

M, 33, UK - married 3 years

"Really good! It's tough to break habits one has developed over the years so (it's a) good tool to keep reminding you to break the habits and take a different approach. After all, what I have been doing to date hasn't worked"
A, 34, Australia - married 15 years

"Very well done! I learned some new things"
A, 50, USA - married 5 years

H, 32, Philipinnes - married 6 years

"It was pretty cool. Although I haven't had a chance to implement it yet because we're hundreds of miles away from each other right now"
M, USA - living together 1½ years

"A quick ... and handy ... with easy exercises to apply"
D, USA - divorced

"It's very interesting, and its an eye opener, to most of my faults. Everything was self explanatory. Thankyou a lot. Just keep doing the good work. God bless"
C, 25, Nigeria - married 7 months

"Well-written and easily readable"
S, 30, USA - married over 5 years

"Very good and a good tool to help others"
M, 60, Austalia - married 37 years

"It leaves you with room for hope"
B, 47, USA - married 28 years

A, 30, Nigeria - married 3 years

And More Comments ...

"It is extremely easy to comprehend and made a lot of sense"

"(It) has helped me see things in a different light. I know he loves me , he is just so tired of the way things have been"

"I had a whole lot of pain from past relationships. I really would like for this one to work. I've prayed to God...so it was by the will of God that I have found this"


"You know I am really grateful and would like to thank you for the lessons you are sending me. They have helped me realize my mistakes. Right now I am going through all I have leant and trying it out. Thank you"

"I liked it. It was interesting and helpful in my already begun attempts to change my OWN attitude towards my husband"


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