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A Tale of Two Wives



These 2 Friends both married
good men … then hit tough times.


So why was only one able to
save her marriage?


Find out what Lisa knows
that Jennifer doesn’t ...

There's nothing strikingly different about Jennifer or Lisa. They were born just months apart and grew up in the same part of town. They survived the turbulence of teenage romances and both married good men.

Jennifer and Lisa both believed in love and had planned to be happily married forever. Although they were good friends they'd lost contact in recent years. So when they met again, Lisa's heart sank as Jennifer told her that she and Mike were now divorced. And while Jennifer tried to make light of her situation, Lisa could see the pain etched in her friend's face and in her eyes the hurt of broken promises and discarded dreams.

Lisa realized ... "That could've been me"

And as she listened to how Jennifer's life had unraveled, the thing that most struck Lisa was that it could so easily have been her. You see she and James had been so close to calling it quits.

She could hardly believe it now but at one stage divorce seemed like the easier option. It wasn't really any one thing, it wasn't like James was ever abusive or treated Lisa badly, it was just that she didn't really feel ... and maybe it sounds kind of shallow - but she didn't feel fulfilled.

"Meeting Jen again was a bit like that movie Sliding Doors, you know the one with Gwyneth Paltrow, it was like that. It was like I had this glimpse of what my life might have been if James and I had separated."

Lisa was so thankful that they'd worked through their problems. Life was so different now and the thought of not being with James ... well she didn't even want to contemplate it.

She remembered how everything had gone so smoothly when they were first married. Life was fun and they were so in love.

But after a few years things started to go wrong. On the outside no one would have known, but inside Lisa felt empty, and unfulfilled. As they argued more and more they just seemed to drift apart. There was a sense of resignation that the good times were behind them. Being married just seemed like hard work.

"I never thought marriage would be like this"

Lisa remembered thinking at the time, "I never thought marriage would be like this. I can't go on like this – something has to change." But she didn't know what.

Lisa found it easy to blame James. He didn’t spent enough time with her. He never talked about how he was feeling. He spent too much time at work and never helped with the housework. Lisa had felt alone and unappreciated. At the time she thought, "If only he'd talk to me and tell me how he feels. If only he'd change."

As they talked, Jennifer thought how similar they were, yet somehow so different. She couldn’t imagine the woman who sat opposite her now, ever having the problems she was describing – problems so much like her own.

The glow of Lisa's love for James
was obvious to Jennifer

Lisa had that confident glow of a woman who is loved and in love. When she talked about James, Jennifer could see how proud she was of him and how much she respected him. She could tell that even though their honeymoon was well behind them that her friend was content and secure in her marriage.

She swallowed and choked back the tears that were threatening to spill. She wondered if it could have been different for her and Mike. Was there something that she could have done differently?

Jennifer wondered if things could have
turned out differently for her and Mike

"What happened Lisa? What changed? How did you make it work?"

Jennifer desperately wished she already knew the answer. The thought that there might have been hope for her and Mike, that things might have been different, was almost too much to bear. The feelings of regret and loss that she'd stuffed so deep inside her were making it difficult to speak as she tried to hold herself together.

Lisa sensed Jennifer's pain and gently told her about a program a friend had introduced her to and how it turned her marriage around. She told her how she’d learnt that she had the power to change her marriage – even without James' input.

Lisa explained how she’d tried to get James to marriage counseling but he wasn't interested. She told Jennifer how she'd been to a couple of counselors on her own. One even told her that divorce was her best option – that they didn't seem compatible. But Lisa wasn't about to give up on her marriage without a fight.

Lisa explained how she found a
program that was different

When she looked into the Marriage Gym program it was different to anything she'd tried before. It was so much more than a self help book. It guided her step by step through practical exercises, and before she knew it James started responding in loving ways that she hadn't seen in years.

She told Jennifer how, right from the very first exercise she felt like the Marriage Gym people really knew how she was feeling and understood her struggles. There was no judgement - just gentle encouragement and practical things to do.


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The pain of Jennifer's regret was like heavy lead in the pit of her stomach

As Lisa spoke, Jennifer was engulfed with an overwhelming sense of regret.

Even as Lisa was telling her about the keys she'd implemented, Jennifer could see how they might have made a difference in her own marriage to Mike. At the time they'd decided to separate she'd felt that divorce was her only option. When she looked down the path of reconciliation it seemed paved with pain – there had seemed no hope down that path.

But divorce wasn't the pain free path she thought it would be either. As Jennifer looked to the future, she saw how bitterness had consumed her relationship with Mike and ahead she could see nothing but more misery.

She would always have to share her children with their father, yet never be able to share the joy of being parents together. And to add salt to what was already a very raw wound, it was Mike's new girlfriend, someone she didn't even know, who was hearing about her children’s day at school and tucking them into bed at night. Being a part time Mom wasn't how she’d pictured her life.

And the thought of starting again with someone new ... well that just scared her. All the men around her age were either already married or were divorced and had a heap of their own baggage. Throw in her children, his children and their respective exes - well it all just seemed way too complicated!

If only they'd been able to work through their differences maybe she'd be like Lisa now. The pain of her regret was like heavy lead in the pit of her stomach, and her fractured heart just ached as she thought about the life she and Mike could have had as a family, and the reality of the life they’d now have apart. The pain she felt was so much more intense than she could have believed possible. And the disturbing truth was she missed Mike so much.

As Jennifer dried her tears, Lisa said, "You know I could have saved myself years of anguish if I'd just learnt these keys earlier instead of waiting ‘til our marriage was on the rocks."

Lisa realized that desire alone wasn’t enough

Lisa recalled how badly she'd wanted her marriage to work, "It wasn't a lack of desire, because I really did want my marriage to work, but the problem was I just didn't know what to do. I didn't have the knowledge to make a difference."

Jennifer smiled and said, "Well I can see that you do have the knowledge now. You and James are obviously really happy again. I can see it in your face and the way you talk about him.” She was really happy for her friend and it did give her hope for her own future, if not for a future with Mike ... well who knows maybe she'd meet someone else someday. She was really curious about Marriage Gym now and planned to look into it more herself. If someone new did come along, well ... it didn't hurt to be prepared.

In hindsight Jennifer could see that a few years before she and Mike separated there had been some pretty obvious warning signs. She just hadn't recognized them. And even if she had recognized them she wasn't sure she would have known what to do. She remembered feeling dissatisfied with everything Mike did, and no longer enjoying spending time with him. In fact she remembered making excuses so they wouldn't have to spend time alone together.

When Jennifer told her about these feelings, Lisa could relate, "I felt the same. It was almost like James and I were just living under the same roof, we might as well have been brother and sister. There was no chemistry, none of that old spark. Life just got really dull.”

Lisa and Jennifer both had warning signs that their marriages were in trouble. But only Lisa responded in a way that ultimately saved her marriage.

Let me show you a few of the things Lisa learnt that made a difference.

Recognizing the Warning Signs

Tick any of these early warning signs that your recognize in your relationship.


I didn’t think marriage would be like this.


I don’t trust my husband.


I feel like my husband doesn’t love me anymore.


I feel unsettled and vaguely unfulfilled.


I have a male friend who I’m much closer to than my husband.


I have very little respect for my husband.


I use to be a happy person, now I often feel depressed.


I make excuses not to spend time alone with my man.


I’m attracted to a man other than my husband.


I’ve lost interest in having sex with my man.


My husband had an affair or I think he might be having one.


My man told me he loves me but he’s not “in love” with me.


Our children are more important to me than my man.


My man doesn’t share his dreams or goals with me anymore.


It’s like there is a wall between my man and I and I can’t reach him anymore.

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to take action NOW – before it’s too late. Your marriage is worth fighting for and there are practical things you can do that will make a difference.

If you choose to do NOTHING to improve your marriage today, it will deteriorate towards divorce, as surely as weeds grow in an unmaintained garden. With an average marriage lasting only 7.2 years and with every second marriage breaking down, will it be you, or your best friend whose marriage doesn’t make it?

Self Paced
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The Power of One

"But hang on a minute, Lisa. It sounds like you're the one who did all the work! What about James?"

Lisa laughed and told her how she was downright indignant when she first came across the Marriage Gym program. "I remember thinking, why should I be the first to change? This course is all about changing me. I want to know how to get James to change too. It’s not all my fault! It’s not fair for me to do all the work in this marriage. And besides, I don’t know if I could be bothered. What about my own self respect?"

She was right! Whatever her situation was …
… James takes half the blame …
... and the credit!

But ….

The biggest secret to building a fabulous marriage is that it takes two to BE married, but it only takes ONE to begin the process of fixing or improving a marriage!

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Lisa learnt that the pathway to a fulfilling marriage started with the choices she made about what she would think and believe about her marriage and her man. And the first choice she made was deciding to work at her marriage, to say; YES my marriage is worth fighting for!

How would you answer the question - Is your marriage worth fighting for?

Now if you answered no. I just want you to stop for a moment and really think about the consequences of saying no. By saying no your marriage is not worth fighting for, what does your future hold?

When Jennifer said no, it was partly because she didn’t believe there was anything she could do that would make a difference – she thought she’d already tried everything she knew. And that was true ...

She had tried everything she knew.

But she hadn’t tried what she didn’t know.

She hadn’t tried what Lisa knew.

Learn everything that Lisa knows

Learn for yourself, everything that Lisa knows and save your marriage, even without your husband's input! The MarriageGym for Women program is a comprehensive and life-changing program that for more than 12 years, has been equipping women to transform their marriages. The course itself has been developed and refined based on feedback and testing of our methods in real programs for real women, in real relationships - and who get real results!

Download the complete 244 page Workout Workbook and start transforming your relationship today!

Take a sneak peak at just some of what you'll learn in the MarriageGym for Women program;

  • How you can improve, repair or even salvage your relationship, even if your man isn't interested in helping (page 24)

  • How to get your man to really listen to you using the 5 steps of Drive Through Communication (page 149)

  • How to get your man to change in at least 3 areas, so you can have the relationship of your dreams (page 233)

  • How not to get driven crazy by all those things that annoy you about your husband (page 36)

  • To recognize and demolish the Great Wall of Resentment and learn why he can't hear you, no matter how loud you *YELL* (page 97)

  • How to get your man to really hear your heart (page 145)

  • How to get what you want, and why nagging never works (page 33)

  • How to turn that taken for granted feeling into a torrent of loving emotions by applying the 5 languages of love (page 72)

  • How to neutralise crippling power struggles in your marriage instantly (page 122)

  • How to gain true inner peace in your marriage and re-capture the first love experience (page 216)

  • How to respond to any situation in a way that produces harmony and growth (page 139)

  • How to make your husband desire you, even with the body you have right now (page 197)

  • To explore the differences between your sexual appetites and styles and how to really look forward to making love (page 169)

  • To understand the 3 phases of anger and the ideal time to respond to get the outcome you want (page 146)

  • Why, the more you try and love your man, sometimes, the less he appreciates you (page 72)

  • Why fair fighting rules are the surest way to resolve conflict (page 159)


Self Paced
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Complete the MarriageGym program at Your Own Pace, in your own home

244 page workbook
8 hours of audio instruction Fitness test
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So how did MarriageGym start? Well MarriageGym for Women began life in Australia in 1992 as a small group teaching and support program called Inspirational Women. The particular needs of women in their relationships weren't well catered for at that time. Most marriage enrichment courses and books make a basic assumption that both partners will participate in improving a marriage. But the problem was, the Inspirational Women team were continually confronted by women who complained that:

"I desperately want my husband
to attend a marriage enrichment course
or marriage counseling with me,
but he's just not interested!"

The Inspirational Women team have spent over 4000 hours researching relationship literature and over 8000 hours sharing these principles with other women through our sought after courses. What they discovered was that many of the principles of marriage, today’s women had lost sight of. In our quest for equality during the last 50 years, marriage has often taken a back seat.

"12,000 Hours to Research and Distill
10 Timeless Principles for Women"

The Inspirational Women program has become so popular and seen so many marriages changed forever, that we wanted to share it with thousands more women so that they too could make their dream marriage a reality. The internet has provided us with the perfect way to reach many more women. Out of this vision, Marriage Gym for Women was born.

Based on feedback from the women who have attended our courses and the practical application of the principles through an extensive exercise program, the MarriageGym course has been developed and distilled down to 10 Timeless Keys.

You can now do the complete Marriage Gym for Women program in the comfort and privacy of your own home using the 244 page Workout Workbook. The workout workbook is much more than a book though. It's a practical step by step program for unlocking your dream marriage.

Read some of the stories from just some of the women who've completed the MarriageGym for Women program and see for yourself how parctical and effective it really is ...

"I can't believe what I've been doing wrong"
I started the Marriage Gym course yesterday and it is amazing! I can't believe I have been doing these things that have been slowly destroying the best thing in my life. Thank you so much for openning my eyes
Dianne - Qld, Australia

"I am simply amazed to see the instant results"
Thank you this has been amazing! For a woman that has been married for 28 years to an amazing man and considers her marriage to be good, I am simply flabbergasted at the difference MarriageGym has made. I love to get to each key and am simply amazed to see the instant results as I apply them
Cheryl V. - married 28 years

"It's given me a great start"
Anyone who is thinking about getting married should do this course. It’s given me a great start to married life and a good understanding of what to expect.
Alicia, 20 - engaged

The Marraige Gym program includes over 80 detailed exercises and quizzes for you to do during and between the sessions. The exercises have been carefully designed and tested to get a positive response from your man, so you can see real progress in your marriage.

During the program, you'll learn how well you're doing in each key area of your marriage. And you'll even be able to measure the improvement in your marriage as you work through the program, using the extensive pre-, mid-, and end of program review quizzes.


But it can be hard to motivate yourself to do it on your own. So we'll also send you regular emails to encourage you, with stories and answers to the most often asked questions about the key you're working on. And if you get stuck along the way we are always there to provide you with email support.

You can download the Marriage Gym for Women program now and save dollars off the regular price. You don't need to wait for the program to arrive in the mail. You can start learning the secrets women are applying to make their dream marriage a reality in only 5 minutes from now. If you're ready to save, improve or secure your marriage, then jump to the end of this page and click on the "Proceed to Checkout Link".

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Do you want to know more about buying over the Internet?

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With MarriageGym for Women, you'll learn how to apply the 10 timeless principles of marriage to your own relationship. You'll not only build confidence, you'll:

  • Fall in love all over again

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  • Have a marriage that will be a wonderful example to your children

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So if you want to salvage your relationship, improve it or just secure what you currently have by learning how to apply the 10 timeless principles that women need to know to have a terrific marriage, then jump to the end of this page and download the MarriageGym program straight away.

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  • A downloadable 244 page workbook, that's been developed and refined over 12 years and based on over 12,000 hours of research, participation and feedback from women

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  • Answers to the 40 most asked questions women have about their marriages

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Take the Marriage Gym for Women challenge and start making your dream marriage a reality today! Don't delay. Learn the 10 timeless principles for women's relationships immediately with the downloadable MarriageGym for Women program.


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Our Guarantee
100% of your purchase price refunded anytime within 60 days from the date of your purchase, if you aren't completely satisfied
(download self paced course only)


Self Paced
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Complete the MarriageGym program at Your Own Pace, in your own home

244 page workbook
8 hours of audio instruction Fitness test
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How much is your marriage worth to you? How much did you invest into the early years of your marriage? How much did your wedding cost? Your honeymoon? Romantic dinners? Presents? ... If you have kids, how much salary did you sacrifice as you dropped back to 1 income for a time? A quick scan over old bills and credit card statements should be enough to convince you that:

"Even the most financially struggling couple have
invested thousands of dollars in this union
that was designed to last a lifetime"

Imagine if your child had a serious accident and the doctor said, we need to perform an operation to restore your child's sight. It'll cost $1000 and it needs to be done today or he'll never be able to see you again. There's not a mother on the planet that wouldn't move heaven and earth to try and find the money she needed to fix her child's eyes.

If you ticked yes to any of the warning signs in the quiz above, then you are - like this mother was - faced with a serious decision. Will you invest the money and try this program designed by women and for women and make an effort to protect the substantial investment you've already made into your marriage, or will you decide to risk that investment to chance?

While we're not going to charge you $1000 for this program, it's clear that we could charge well over a hundred dollars for a program like this that unlocks the keys for women to dramatically impact on their own marriages.

"We want these keys to reach millions of hurting women"

But at MarriageGym, we've decided that we want these keys to reach millions of hurting women all over the world. So we're offering you a downloadable version of this program for only US$39.95.

Let me make it really clear though, that the low price does not mean low quality. This is not some text file knocked together over a weekend. 12 years and thousands of hours of research and practical application have gone into this program - it's been professionally designed and layed out for maximum effectiveness in your marriage. And being tuned exactly to a woman's needs, it's the most effective tool a woman can use to save or improve her marriage immediately.

"We have a passion to see marriages restored"

And that passion extends to providing a truely personal experience for every women who embarks on the MarriageGym journey. So we'd like to include 3 very special and valuable bonuses if you decide to purchase a self paced course:


Bonus #1 - $50 value - FREE
A Comprehensive MarriageGym Fitness Assessment

You confidentially answer a comprehensive series of questions online, then a trained MarriageGym coach will review your results and prepare and send you a free written personal report.

Your report will including a break down of your scores in 10 key areas of your marriage and a personal assment of exactly what areas in your marriage are holding you back from having the marriage of your dreams. This is an incredibly valuable personal review worth $50 !

Bonus #2 - US$9.95 value - FREE
The Tale of Two Wives E-Book

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Lisa saves her marriage from the brink of divorce and is rewarded with a flood of affection from her husband James.

Read the full story contrasting Lisa's path from despair to happiness and Jennifer's path into divorce and heartache.

Lisa discovered that though she was trying really hard to fix her marriage, it continued to deteriorate until she learnt and adopted a simple 4 step change process that totally transformed her marriage, even though James had no idea she was doing anything new. Everything Lisa said and did from that point on, she checked first to see if it fit within this 4 step framework. Read the story as Lisa retells it to her friend Jennifer. MarriageGym author Michelle Brien, explains in detail what Lisa did along the way and why what she did worked so much better than all that Jennifer tried to do to fix her marriage.

What women are saying about "The Tale of Two Wives"

"Its amazing! I realised that I did not know a lot and the very few tips I tested performed wonders. (It's) enough to jump-start change"
M, 36, UK - married

"I had all but given up on my marriage and was considering divorce. It gave me hope. I started looking at things in a new perspective and my marriage has already seen a drastic improvement. I recommend this to everyone I know. THANK YOU!"
C, USA - married 5 years

Read dozens more testimonials >>

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What you Get in the MarriageGym Self Paced Program

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8 hours of audio instruction Fitness test
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At MarriageGym, we're passionate about marriages. Too many women these days give up on their marriage. Like Jennifer they just don't know what to do, and miss out on what should be their best relationship. Over the years we've seen so many women who learn these foundational relationship skills, turn their marriage around!

We believe that marriage is worth working at, because we've seen the dramatic turnarounds that occur when women learn the right skills. And we truely believe that your best chance of a happy and fulfilling marriage is with the man you're married to right now!

Michelle Brien

P.S. I'm so passionate about marriages and the MarriageGym program that I will personally guarantee that if you're not 100% satisfied with the MarriageGym program we'll refund your money (download self pace course only)

P.P.S. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that there is hope for Jennifer! Many women like Jennifer learnt about the MarriageGym keys after their first marriage ended. Women who are single, recently separated or divorced will find these keys provide a great foundation to build a new relationship on - right from the beginning!

P.P.P.S. If you're in your second marriage, the MarriageGym keys are just as effective. We've had many women learn from their past mistakes and discover the keys to making their current marriage their last marriage!

What Women
are Saying* About MarriageGym

"Words can't describe how significantly different our relationship is now"
The most valuable thing I learnt was to put aside any assumptions and give the MarriageGym keys a real go. Some of the keys that have been harder to do are the ones that have been most successful. Even when I have done some of the keys half-heartedly, the results have been exceptional. I really think that this guide will be something I will refer to for the rest of my life. I started the MarriageGym course as a last ditch effort because I didn't want to separate from my husband and I am grateful for the development of this course because our relationship has changed so much because of what I learnt.

I was really sceptical that one person in a relationship could make it change so much. I now proudly stand and say that I have been corrected. Words can't describe how significantly different our relationship is. I believe that God does work in mysterious ways because I prayed and said that I wanted things to be different and then typed "marriage tips" into my internet server and came across this course. I decided to do the course because as it said 'what price would you pay for a good relationship'? This has been worth every cent and then some. I hope that you continue to help women everywhere. Thank you.”
Tracey D. 24 - married 4 years

"My husband's done a 180 and now he's talking of reconciliation"
My husband and I (had) been separated since March, and I thought I had completely given up. He was so angry, distant and unkind, I thought I'd seen the last of the man I married. Then I saw your program on line. What I liked about it was that I had been feeling so powerless, and MarriageGym made me feel as if I had the power to effect change in my own life and possibly our marital life as well. We play in a touring blues band together and it's absolutely critical that (we are) on at least civil terms with one another. I figured, worst-case scenario, I'd come out of it with my head on straighter and be more equipped to be his friend. Well, it's been the hardest time I've ever been through in my life, but MarriageGym has really helped to ease my stress and to stop overreacting to his behavior. And although the matter is far from settled, several days ago HE did a bit of a 180 in HIS behavior. All of a sudden the coldness has diminished, the little gestures of chivalry are back, and he's actually alluded to the possibility of a reconciliation. thankyou from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done, and I look forward to completing the MarriageGym program. You can rest assured that I will recommend it to my friends, even those who aren't having trouble. Thanks again - Laura.
Laura D. 43 - married 11 years

"My marriage completely changed the day I learnt about the 5 Love Languages"
I had accidentally found out that my husband was secretly contacting another woman and although nothing physical had taken place it was definitely going in that direction. I felt so hurt and betrayed. That was my wake up call. I remember feeling completely helpless and I had no idea what I should do. I prayed to God for guidance. That same day I was online and I just typed in marriage counseling and I found (MarriageGym). My marriage has completely changed since that day. It is better now than I had even hoped for. I found out that my husband did not feel loved and I didn't even know it! I was doing all the things that I thought showed him how much I loved him. But they were the wrong things. We were speaking different languages! How empowering this has been! I am truly grateful to you. I thank God every day for leading me to you. God Bless!
Cindy F. 38 - married 3 years

"I let go of my pain forever"
A friend encouraged me to do Marriage Gym 4 years ago, and I honestly have been a different person for it. I learned so many new keys in understanding both myself and my husband. I was able to let go of all my built up hurt and pain, releasing it forever. The love languages helped me understand my needs and why I act the way I do. It also helped me to respect my husband's needs both emotionally and physically. We now have a deeper understanding of each other, and enjoy each others company better than ever. Thank you Marriage Gym for impacting my little world in a big way.
Alison S. 38 - married 11 years
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"I ended my affair...and my husband and I are happy again!"
Things definitely weren’t good. My partner and I fought a lot and to make matters worse I’d begun an affair with my ex boyfriend. When my partner found out about my affair, he was very upset. After much yelling, tears and soul searching we decided that we wanted to stay together and re-build our relationship. I ended the affair and promised to earn back his trust somehow. I decided to do this program again (I'd already tried once before while still in my affair) and this time commit to fully implementing the keys. Almost immediately I noticed our relationship getting back on track and growing stronger every day. Before long we had decided to get married. By the end of the program I felt our relationship was blossoming and I’d definitely made the right decision to stick with my husband. Life is good for us now. We’re very happy together and I can’t thank the course enough. I don’t use the keys every day but I do try to – as I believe they really are the keys to a happy and successful marriage.
Susannah V. 26 - together 7½ years

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"I thought I'd made a terrible mistake"
We’ve been married for just over 3 years; I’d started to wonder if we were compatible at all and thought I’d made a terrible mistake. The course taught me about the differences between men and women and how to use those differences rather than react against them. It helped me to refocus and recommit to our marriage – and now it’s better than ever!

Jennifer, 25 - married 3 years

"I knew I had to do this program"
When I got engaged, I decided I wanted to start my marriage off with the best possible start I could. I wanted my marriage to be strong and to last. So when I heard about the course I knew I had to do it! Through the course I learnt that there was a lot that I could do to make my marriage work, that it wasn’t just going to happen by itself. Now that I’ve been married 3 ½ years – the key that has stuck most in my mind is giving him space when he comes home and to really listen to what he’s saying and to mirror back to him if I’m not sure or am unclear about anything. I strongly recommend this course to anyone in a committed relationship.

Orien W. 24 - married 3½ years

"My husband tells all his mates..."
My husband tells all his mates that this course should be compulsory for all women! He’s happier and so am I – we both win!

Wilma, 63 - married 45 years

"I was really skeptical at first"
When I first learnt about the keys, I was really skeptical. At the time my marriage was really good, and I didn’t think I needed to work on it. You’ve no idea what it meant to me to hear how the keys had made such dramatic difference in other women’s marriages. But as I worked through the program I found it so encouraging to hear other women’s stories and to realise that I wasn’t alone. The love languages really blew me away – I’ve learnt to put into practice so many of the things I learnt and even though they’re just simple things they’ve made such a difference. I find now that if we’re having a bad week I turn to my workbook – just reviewing the notes helps to remind me that I’m not alone. I love sitting down with the “praiseworthy points” and reading all my man’s good points, it reminds me why I love him and helps me focus on the good in our marriage. All women should hold on to what they have, remember your first love and be strong, this course is a great way to do it.
Jane W. 39 - married 17½ years

"My marriage was over!"
Our marriage was over, the MarriageGym keys helped me to restore it. I never realized that I had the keys to a happy marriage all along. I love him more today than I ever have!

June A. 47 - married 15 years

"I feel more loved than I have in ages!"
Before I started the program I was miserable in my marriage. I was so critical of my husband and everything he did. He didn’t want to come anywhere near me or pay me any attention – which only made me more miserable. I hated being miserable all the time. Learning the keys made me realise that it was me who needed to change. As I began to apply the keys it had a huge impact on our relationship. I learnt to accept my husband for who he is and found ways to praise the good things about him instead of always looking for his faults. Learning that we communicate love in different ways was huge for me. Things are so much better now – he wants to spend time with me and I feel more loved than I have in ages!

Marlene S. - married 18 years

"I've now got a much healthier approach to conflict"
Our marriage was a constant battle of wills. I was always challenging him and trying to change the way he did things. This was stressing me out and pushing him away. The thing that made the biggest difference for me was understanding that it’s up to me to accept him as he is and to feed him praise, rather than criticism. I realised that it was the attitude of my heart that was causing our problems. Our relationship has improved so much as I now understand that it’s not my job to teach him and it is my job to support him. I’ve also now got a much healthier approach to conflict – which has taken a lot of the stress out of our relationship. It’s now so much more enjoyable for both of us.
Cindy B. - married 6 years

"I'm determined not to fall again"
This is my second marriage. After completing this program I realized all the mistakes I made the first time around. I’m determined not to fall into the same traps again!
Briony, 32 - married 6 months

"I'm surprised at how much better it's got"
We’ve been married 20 years and have a fairly happy marriage, but I’ve been surprised at how much better it has become just by using the MarriageGym keys!

Grace V. 44 - married 20 years

"We were going nowhere...now we're so much more secure"
We’ve been living together for 5 years and our relationship seemed to be going nowhere. This course has given me the skills I needed to build a committed partnership. We’ve finally set a date for our wedding and we both feel so much more secure in our love and commitment to each other.
Tracey, 38 - lived together 5 years

"I could've done a lot to save my first marriage"
It was my first husband’s choice to leave our marriage that had been happy for many years. I couldn’t understand it and nor could he. If I had known the MarriageGym keys back then I could have done a lot to save our marriage. I am grateful that I was introduced to the program early on in my second marriage. The course has given me new keys to making a great success of my marriage.
At the time I thought “why should I make the effort or make the changes” but I now know that the keys can help me to make a difference in my relationship. I know that I have a daily choice to only let my mind go where I choose to let it go. If I dwell on something that has upset me I can stay with an upset attitude for as long as I choose. When I choose to use the keys taught to me, such as understanding our differences because of our temperaments and personality types, I can work with the situation much better. I have learnt that in being more gracious it can bring a wonderful unity and it encourages my man to be who and how I love him to be.
Pamela S. 50+ - married 4 years

"It's given me a great start"
Anyone who is thinking about getting married should do this course. It’s given me a great start to married life and a good understanding of what to expect.
Alicia, 20 - engaged

"I found amazing keys in this course"
I had a wonderful marriage prior to doing the course and my husband was my knight in shining armour. So I wanted to do the course to make sure that things stayed that way, particularly when juggling young children. I found amazing keys in the course that equipped me to easily evaluate if there was a hiccup in our marriage and then how to effectively deal with it before it gets further. Learning my husband’s love language has been so instrumental in making him feel loved and valued, so he’s free to just love me back! Our relationship now has a solid foundation not only because of our commitment to one another already, but also because we now have tools up our sleeve, ready an able to patch any holes that may come our way. So my knight in shining armour still shines, and I his queen, still get fed grapes on my throne!

Victoria P. 31 - married 9 years

"We had already separated...Now we're back together and best friends"
Before I did the program, my husband and I had separated. A friend suggested I do the course and I figured that I had nothing to loose so I signed up. Little did I know how much I would gain. I learned skills and new ways to view the issues we had and as I started to practise these keys I felt more able to see things from his point of view. I am very grateful that I did the course as we are together again, and he is not only my husband, he is also my best friend. In fact 10 years after I first did the course he has encouraged and supported me and I have now joined the team to pass the precious gems taught in this course on to other women.
Catherine B. 60 - married 14 years

"To my amazement, something good became even better"
We had been married 42 years when I did the course to support a relation. I thought we were happily married, still very much in love and had survived quite a few knockout punches from life. However the straight forward commonsense of the program and the gentle way it is presented led me to try some of the keys in our already perfect relationship. I found to my amazement that something good became better than ever. The MarriageGym keys really work and the more I worked at it the better it became for me and for my husband too.
Gwenyth B. - married 42 years
... and her husband says>>

"People need to know these keys... Desperately!"
When I was first introduced to the keys my husband and I had only just got back together again after separating. Our relationship was very tense and we weren’t doing much talking. I knew that I needed some help or things would just be the same again. At first I didn’t respond well to the keys because I thought “oh yeah, I have to do all the changing and work!” but I’d tried everything else and nothing had worked. Then when I tried the keys I got great responses and we’re still together after 16 years. The course had a huge impact on my marriage. It not only gave me an understanding of my man but also my son and father. It allowed me to develop as a person because I could stop worrying about my marriage. I hope word of this program really spreads because people need to know these keys desperately!
Kerryn D, 36 - married 16 years

"My husband wanted out... this program was relationship saving!"
I first heard about this program from a friend who was doing it. I was feeling desperate as my husband had just told me he wanted out of our marriage. We weren’t talking and I felt there was no hope. I was frustrated and alone. I was open to anything that would help. We’d been together 28 years. I found the keys very enlightening. It was rewarding and eye opening, it gave me a chance to stand back and see where we were going wrong. It was relationship saving! By changing my attitude it produced a change in him. It made me aware of why we were acting the way we were. Our communication skills improved tremendously because I learnt how to approach him without hurting his pride. Learning how to accept and admire him had a great impact on me personally. It gave me a lot of hope for our future. We already had the foundations of a good marriage and now I can see that it is worth building on.
Melanie G, 44 - married 24 years

"It showed me that I really need to work on our marriage"
Our relationship was fairly good when I started the course. It just highlighted to me where our priorities were out of whack and it also showed me that I really need to work on our marriage for it to be the best it can be. I’d been really challenged about my feelings of “just being a housewife and mum”, but by the time I finished the course I was comfortable with who I am and the importance of my role. Our communication is so much better now and we are more inclined to discuss our expectations of each other, we also seem to laugh a lot more these days! It also taught me that I am the key to having a great marriage.
Jaqueline T, 27 - married 8 years

"My marriage was very unstable... But I now have the keys"
Our marriage was in trouble when I first heard about the program. We weren’t getting on well at all. There was no communication – we just lived in the same house. Our situation was very unstable and it wouldn’t have taken much for us to separate. I was really down and sad because I never thought that I would be in the situation where my marriage was in so much trouble. Since I learnt the keys it’s only been positive. It’s given me the confidence to know that I have the keys to improve our marriage – I just have to choose to use them. I’m more tolerant and compassionate and understanding of his problems. And because I’m more willing to listen he comes to me more with his problems. It’s made me more aware of what I say and how I say it and not only to my husband but also my son. The course gave me so much more than I ever expected or thought possible.
Sandra B. 32- married 10 years

"It taught me how to communicate"
We’d always had a bit of a communication "struggle". I was controlling and not very accepting of his ways and differences. Pretty much what the course did teach me was how to communicate and get the best out of our marriage. I’ve learnt to accept him, that he’s not wrong – just different … and to "zip it!"
Beverley Y. 38 - married 4 years

"I didn’t realise such simple skills could change a relationship"
You could describe our marriage as very average when I heard about this course through a girlfriend. Our relationship definitely wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Now I understand him so much more and we get along so much better. I realised that I was taking him for granted. I realised that I needed to accept him the way he is and stop expecting him to be someone he’s not. It was amazing to learn and realise that the keys actually work! I didn’t realise such simple skills could change a relationship.
Emily F. 46 - married 18 years

"I wanted this marriage to be for life"
My husband and I had been married for less than a year when I started the program. This is the second marriage for both of us and we are determined to make this one a lifer. Before we met, Iain had done a similar course for men and so he was keen to see me do this course as soon as possible. I enjoyed learning the content and the exercises were crucial and relevant - Iain appreciated the exercises! Still being in our "honeymoon" year, we hadn't hit too many snags yet, but we learned principles so that it can stay that way in the future. We have both seen how a marriage could easily go sour just by living life and we both want to put up the safety nets so that this marriage makes it.
Rhonda G. 37 - married 2 years

"I learnt the power of praise... and my husband loves it"
I first did the program out of curiosity; I felt we had a very good marriage. It’s had a positive impact on my marriage. It made me understand my role as a wife in a way that I’d never really thought about before. I learnt a lot about myself, why I did things a certain way, how I could change and improve myself. I also realised that I really never praised my husband personally. I told other people how clever or wonderful I thought he was, but not him. I didn’t find it easy to do, but for me it was the most significant key. I now make the most of every opportunity to praise and admire him. And he loves it!

Narelle R, 35 - married 10 years

"I thought there was no hope... but now I have fresh hope and practical things I can do"
Our marriage was so bad when I started this program, it was more or less over. There was no communication, nothing physical. We were living separately in the one house. We both just wanted to be there for the kids. The keys helped me to relate better. Now I am emotionally more stable, the course made me realise that there is a solution to every problem before I thought it was a dead end with no solutions. It helped to realise that I do have choices and it reassured me that I did have a right to my opinion and taught me how to express my opinion. I was inspired to try the keys because before I thought there was no hope, but this gave me fresh hope and practical things that I could do. Now I find I don’t react out of anger so quickly and constantly blame him for everything. I’m more accepting of who he is and who I am too. I’ve still got a way to go but at least now I have practical things that I can see make a difference when I choose to do them.
Wendy V. 31 - married 10 years

"I take things less personally now"
The course taught me about MALES! What they’re like, how they are different to us. I’ve learned to really respect my husband and learned that I’m not the only woman out there suffering (at times!). The most valuable thing was really understanding that they ARE different to us, they think differently, they do things differently. Sometimes they forget what you tell them, not because what you say isn’t important – just because they think differently! I can cope much better with things now. I take them less personally. He reckons I’m "much better"!!!
Felicity S. 33 - married 7 years

"We've moved to a new level in our relationship"
I was tired of going around in circles. When I was arguing with my husband I would ask my friends for advice, which although I felt their answers were justified I knew it wasn't helping my relationship. When I did the course, it helped me to understand that my husband wasn't as insensitive as I thought. He just thought and reacted differently to me. My husband and I haved moved to a new level in our relationship where we can communicate about the "real" issues now instead of going around in circles just trying to be "right".
Christine S. 39

"It made it easier to connect in meaningful ways"
My husband is my best friend. When we met and got married we had shared interests, goals and a desire to know each other in an intimate and personal way. In the busyness of life however, I started to feel like we were running a business – sorting out kids issues, organising schedules, social lives, work and general family responsibilities, not leaving a lot of time or energy to nurture our relationship.
When I did the program, one of the keys was on "love languages" and used the term "love tank". I discovered what my love language and my husband's was, so this made it easier to connect in a way that was meaningful to each other. Now when we are busy, tired or overwhelmed with life’s pressures, we ask each other “How is your love tank going?” That way we can let each other know we care about each other and desire to meet each other’s needs. We like the term “love tank” because it’s a practical, non threatening way of saying “are you feeling loved”. Life still gets busy and it’s good to know we can use this as a gauge to see how we are going. This is only one of the keys that I learnt – I found them all to be really helpful.
Carmel R.

"Applying the keys has made our relationship warmer and calmer"
Our marriage was okay but it used to be great for many years. So I wanted to change the bad habits we’d got into. The course reminded me of my husband’s good points and made me appreciate him so much more. Now I’m more accepting of him and have stopped trying to change him. Applying the keys has made our relationship warmer and calmer.
Sheryl C. 42 - married 23 years

"I can't believe what I've been doing wrong"
I started the Marriage Gym course yesterday and it is amazing! I can't believe I have been doing these things that have been slowly destroying the best thing in my life. Thank you so much for openning my eyes
Dianne - Qld, Australia

"I wish we'd done this before getting married"
Thanks really enjoying doing MG. thanks for this amazing resource. wish we'd done stuff like this b4 we were married...and start with an understanding rather than so many years of misunderstanding...like starting on the back foot
Kirsty D

"I am simply amazed to see the instant results"
Thank you this has been amazing! For a woman that has been married for 28 years to an amazing man and considers her marriage to be good, I am simply flabbergasted at the difference MarriageGym has made. I love to get to each key and am simply amazed to see the instant results as I apply them
Cheryl V. - married 28 years

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names have been changed to protect the writer's privacy.




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