Where MarriageGym Began

The MarriageGym for Women program grew out of a desire and passion for women to get the very best out of their marriage.  The authors, Michelle Brien and Inez Musgrove, both in their second marriages, learnt from their own experiences that marriage doesn't always work out quite how you planned.  That the best intentions, being in love and a pretty white dress aren't enough to make a fulfilling marriage.

Radio Interview with MarriageGym Authors Michelle Brien and Inez Musgrove

Radio interview with MarriageGym authors, Michelle Brien and Inez Musgrove

Not ones to be disillusioned they set out to discover if there were principles that could be applied to relationships that would make a difference.  MarriageGym grew from this seed. 

They recognised that women didn't need more books full of theory but practical and empowering actions that would produce real results in real marriages.

With MarriageGym you get practical exercises, passionate and supportive coaches and a program that for over seventeen years, has helped thousands of women find fulfilment in their marriage.


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